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We are automotive scrap yard offer different type of services related to vehicle removal, disposal and recycling of cars, trucks, forklifts and other vehicle, metals and catalytic converters.

If you have an old and rusty car in your yard that has no value and costly to repair and want to get rid from this old clunker, you can do it by selling it to city scrap car. Our top and leading company of City Scrap Car provides scrap car removal Brantford service. Whether you have unwanted, flood damaged, engine damage, accidental car, car without keys, unregistered or registered car, car without wheels, we dispose off your vehicle of any make and model without any hassle. All you need to do is to give us the details of your unwanted vehicle by filing our online form including, make, model, condition, age, missing parts of your vehicle, proof of your ownership to get an instant quote on your unwanted vehicle. Before selling your unwanted vehicle to our company, you can remove all valuable parts from your vehicle that you can sell separately. You can remove these valuable parts carefully by yourself or get this job done by experience auto recyclers.

We are cash for scrap cars service provider. We provide top dollar cash against our competitors for your unwanted vehicle once you accept our quote. Our trained auto wreckers with latest technology truck reach to your location and tow away your vehicle. We provide good customer service and peace of mind to car owner by offering lucrative price for your junked vehicle.

Our auto wreckers dismantle, recycle or separate the working parts of vehicle from non-working parts and dispose off fluids such as engine coolant, transmission fluid, air conditioning refrigerant, gasoline and fuel of your damaged vehicle in eco friendly way without harming the environment.

We buy valuable parts of your damaged vehicle including scrap metals such as copper, brass, steel, aluminum to recycle it in useful metal and to reuse it in appliances, buildings, highways, automotive products, defense products, energy industry or to resell it to get some extra cash. We buy catalytic converters that consist of rare metals including palladium, rhodium, or platinum, copper, nickel, cerium, iron and manganese. Our team of auto recyclers recycle catalytic converter to reuse it in jewelry, electronics and industrials purposes.

Besides this, we buy Starter motors, infotainment systems, alternators, complete engines or transmissions, fenders, batteries, and offer you top dollar cash for these parts. We not only buy these valuable parts at top dollar cash but also have a team of experience auto recyclers that do the task of removing valuable parts of your vehicle safely.

Scrap Car Removal

We remove all type of scrap cars trucks and other vehicles from any location in Brantford Ontario and nearby areas.

Cash for Junk Cars

Instant cash for scrap cars on the spot. Easy and hassle free process of getting rid of your unwanted vehicle.

Eco Friendly Auto Recycling

We are Eco friendly scrap yard and auto recycling service process all type of auto parts environment friendly way.

Scrap Metal & Catalytic Converters

We also deal in scrap metal of different types as well as catalytic converters of domestic and foreign vehicles.

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We are a wrecking yard and scrap car removal service in Brantford, Ontario. Serving peoples with best return on their unwanted damage & junk vehicles in any condition. We paid top cash for cars on the spot.